Tea Thé Cha App

Time out for tea. Available in English, French and Chinese, Tea Thé Cha will help you make that perfect cup of tea.


The Tea Thé Cha iOS app was designed to:

  • Help you make a great cup of tea
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere for tea lovers

While making your cup of tea, take the oportunity to relax from your busy day. The app makes soothing soundscapes to help you unwind. Tea Thé Cha will not send notifications or work in the background. Leave distractions alone for a few minutes and enjoy your tea.

Steep Times

On the main screen, there are 7 steep times to choose from, each having a different color:

Steep Time Suggestions
1 minute white tea, green tea, cool boiling water
2 minutes white tea, green tea, cool boiling water
3 minutes green tea, yellow tea, white tea, black tea
4 minutes pu'erh tea, oolong tea, black tea
5 minutes rooibos tea, pu'erh tea, red tea, oolong tea
6 minute rooibos tea, tisane, red tea
7 minutes rooibos tea, tisane, red tea

Set the recommened steep time for your tea by selecting a color. A few suggestions will apprear on the timer.

Tap Play to start the timer. Tap Stop to stop it or Pause to pause. The steep timer will end after one complete revolution.

Use any of the timers to allow boiling water to cool down (typically 1 or 2 minutes).

Tap the right arrow to advance through the following pages. You may also swipe left or right to navigate.


On the language page, select English, French or Chinese. For fun, use the app in a language that is foreign to you.


On the bell page, select no volume, quiet, medium or loud. The bell will sound at the start of the steep time, the end, halfway and ten seconds before the timer stops.

The small circles on the timer indicate the bell times.


On the final page, tap the D logo to open this webpage.


Tea Thé Cha will remember all of your settings the next time you use the app.

Download Tea Thé Cha on the App Store

Tea Thé Cha  screenshots

Download Tea Thé Cha on the App Store

Tea Thé Cha Version 1.01, November 2018
Version 1.00, October 2018
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