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Mastari is a fun puzzle game that's easy to play yet hard to master. Develop strategies to solve puzzles by rotating lines to close all paths.


Mastari is a one player iOS puzzle game.

How to Play

Complete puzzles by closing the path of all lines. Tap on the circles to rotate lines in their correct positions. Each shape and position is a clue.

Tap circles to rotate lines in their correct positions

Advance to the next level when you solve a puzzle before the time runs out, otherwise you will lose a chance and need to replay the level. The game is over when all chances are gone.

As you advance levels in Mastari, the game gets more difficult. Some levels will have different obstacles. A puzzle may have more than one way to be solved. Find the right way before the time runs out! Develop strategies to win.

Puzzles are computer generated making each game unique.

Play Button

Play Button

Tap the play button at the top left hand side of the screen to play each level.



Levels are shown at the top of the screen. How far can you make it?



The clock is located at the top right hand side of the screen. The time is over when a full rotation is drawn.

On bonus rounds, the clock will show the number of moves to complete the level.

Tap the clock to pause and unpause a game.

Chances and Bonus Rounds


You start each game with 2 chances. Chances are located on the bottom left of the screen.

Earn more chances on bonus rounds. A plus sign next to the chances indicate a bonus round. Complete the bonus puzzle with the least number of moves. There is no time limit on bonus rounds.

If you fail a bonus round, you will not lose a chance.

The game is over when all chances are gone.

Light/Dark Mode

Light/Dark Mode

Tap the Light/Dark mode button to toggle the color scheme of the game. This button is located to the right of the chances.



Tap the menu button, located on the bottom right hand side of the sreen, to do the following:

Pausing a Game

Tap the clock to pause and unpause a game.

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Mastari Version 1.0, March 2020
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