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Fader Command MIDI gear

Fader Command Code

Copy/Paste the following programs and tutorials in the Fader Command app Commands tab.

The Sub Phatty program is updated for Fader Command 1.3. It includes pad groups, system exclusive messages and more.

Fader Command includes the 12 tutorials below when installed.

Visit YouTube for videos on Fader Command.

Programs: Notes:
Ableton Live Control levels, pans and sends for 10 tracks
Adventure Audio Pedals Store presets for Again, Demogorgon, Dream Reaper, Fuzzy Peaks, Glacial Zenith, Lunge, Outer Rings, Prototype, Thaw, Whateverb
Alexander Defender Stargate Drive MIDI control and browse presets
Behringer DeepMind 12 Add 2 LFOs to the DeepMind via the Mod Matrix CC Y and CC Z sources
Dave Smith Instruments Tempest MIDI control of beat wide parameters, compressor, distortion, 6 voice polyphonic playback, 32 drum pads, record melodic synth lines with the keyboard
Kilpatrick Audio Redox MIDI control
Korg microKorg Synth MIDI control with easy to read labels
Korg microKorg Vocoder MIDI control with easy to read labels
Korg SQ1 Store presets
Modal CraftSynth 2.0 MIDI control and keyboard
Moog Minitaur/Sirin Easy MIDI control of under the hood parameters and keyboard
Moog Subsequent 25 Easy MIDI control of under the hood parameters
Moog Sub Phatty Duophonic playback and easy MIDI control of under the hood parameters
Pittsburgh Modular microvolt Store presets
Strymon BigSky MIDI control of all parameters, play Shimmer via pads
Strymon Mobius MIDI control of all parameters
Pads Demo Example pad code: notes, chords, key switching, scales, drum pads, CC, program changes...

Fader Command
Program Name and Comments
Channel and MIDI
Default and Snap
Set Range and Scale
Mute and Unmute
Space and Divisions
Fader and Notes
Colors and Synth Categories
Type and Copy
Suffix, Prefix, LFO, @
Denis Experimental

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