blueSky App

Catalog your favorite settings for the Strymon blueSky reverberator pedal.


The blueSky iOS app was designed to:

  • Provide a way to transcribe and recall blueSky presets
  • Provide a quick reference to all modes of operation on the blueSky pedal

The blueSky pedal does not have a digital connection to communicate with a computer. If you need to recall those perfect settings for your song, you can memorize them, write them down on paper, or use this app.

All necessary pedal information is available at your fingertips on the blueSky app. There is no need to scan through the manual. However, we recommend reading the Strymon blueSky manual to get the most out of your pedal.

Please note that the app is on one screen only. You may need to scroll up or down to access all of the options.


There are two banks (A and B) with 12 presets each. Tap on bank A or bank B to toggle banks. Tap on one of the 12 preset buttons to load a preset. The current preset is highlighted in red. Below the preset numbers is a text field where you can edit the name of the preset.

The app comes with sample presets. You can edit any of them.

Knob Functions

The knob functions button allow the knobs to edit primary functions (decay, mix, low damp, pre-delay, high-damp) or secondary functions (3dB cut / boost). Tap the button to toggle functions. If editing is locked (see lock below), the button will change to a padlock.

Knobs and Switches

The knobs and switches mimic the controls on the hardware pedal. Swipe your finger up or down on a knob to change the value. Tap on a switch to change its position. Settings are automatically saved.

The white line on the knob indicates the primary function value (label below the knob). The red dot is the value of the secondary function (label above the knob).


The display section shows information based on the values of the knobs and switches. This includes the type of reverb, mode, reverb time and more.

Bypass Mode

The bypass mode button toggles between true bypass and trails mode. If the lock mode is on (see below), this button is inactive.


Tap the tips footswitch to cycle through various tips. Tips are shown at the bottom of the screen.


Tap the lock footswitch to lock and unlock the controls. The knob functions button will change to a padlock when in lock mode. Lock mode is used to prevent accidental editing of the presets. This is useful when performing live.

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Download blueSky on the App Store

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